Our approach


When it comes to money, there are three things we all want: clarity, confidence, and control. When it comes to our life experience, there are two things we all want to avoid: unnecessary risk and unnecessary sacrifice. To attain both, we must learn how to control what we can—the “expected”—and to manage the risk of the events that are beyond our power—the “unexpected.”

In other words, not only do we have to “do things right”, but we have to “do the right things.” This takes self-understanding, insight, and discipline. We believe that in order to create predictability in your wealth management, you need a well-thought-out investment framework and the models, algorithms, and resources to implement it.

Most importantly, you need a trusted relationship.

We have good news for you. FocalPoint Wealth Management utilizes a patented process that puts you in control and gives you clarity and confidence that you’ll need to move toward your goals, all while helping you manage risk and avoid unnecessary sacrifice.

Step 1: Clarity Call

This is where we ensure we are a good fit for each other.  This is a no pressure and constructive conversation to learn more about you and your goals and to help you understand our process.

-This is typically by phone or virtual “skype” like meeting.

To make the meeting more productive we encourage everyone to first spend 10-15 minutes with our interactive fact finder tool.  A synopsis video of the tool can be found below.

Step 2: Vision and Values

This is the time to dream big and envision your future. Our advisors will help you refine and prioritize your goals and vision. Whether it’s retiring early or leaving a long lasting legacy we want to know your “why”.

Step 3: Streamline your financial life

Our process helps streamline your financial life using the Wealthvision™ data aggregation system.

You will have secure access to this state of the art software which aggregates all of your accounts into one place. This helps systematize the planning process and allows us to monitor and update your financial plan continually.

Step 4: The Big Picture

This is where we present your custom tailored solutions and strategies to implement your vision.

Step 5: FocalDynamic Guidance

Life is unpredictable, we want you to have confidence in knowing we are with you on your journey. We monitor your progress and recommend changes as needed.