Our Approach

When it comes to money, there are three things we all want: clarity, confidence, and control. When it comes to our life experience, there are two things we all want to avoid: unnecessary risk and unnecessary sacrifice. To attain both, we must learn how to control what we can—the “expected”—and to manage the risk of the events that are beyond our power—the “unexpected.”

In other words, not only do we have to “do things right”, but we have to “do the right things.” This takes self-understanding, insight, and discipline. We believe that in order to create predictability in your wealth management, you need a well-thought-out investment framework and the models, algorithms, and resources to implement it.

Most importantly, you need a trusted relationship.

We have good news for you. FocalPoint Wealth Management utilizes a patented process that puts you in control and gives you clarity and confidence that you’ll need to move toward your goals, all while helping you manage risk and avoid unnecessary sacrifice.

1. Ideal & Acceptable Life Goals

Every relationship starts with a thoughtful, informal conversation about your most important life goals, such as preparing for early retirement, paying for college, and funding travel dreams.

2. Goal Trade-Offs & Prioritization

During the initial conversation, we will help you set priorities using our patented Goals Exchange.

Together, we’ll determine targeted goals, ideal and acceptable outcomes for different life scenarios, and choices that help define your unique risk preferences.
Chart presented for illustration purposes only. Individual results may vary.

3. Lifetime Simulations & Scenarios

Here, the wealth management plan begins to come alive. Using our advanced Monte Carlo engine, an advisor will run your ideal and acceptable goals through a 1,000 lifetime simulation, testing different scenarios to determine the probability of achieving the your stated objectives. For example, the simulation would analyze a 30-year plan against 30,000 different market scenarios — from depression to exuberance — to see how well you achieve your goals in every conceivable market environment.
Graph presented for illustration purposes only. Individual results may vary.

4. Comfort Zone® Recommendation

Using the results from our life simulator, your FocalPoint Wealth Advisor will work with you to adjust your balance between ideal and acceptable goals. Together, you will fine-tune the objectives until finally arriving at your unique Comfort Zone®: a set of personal, important goals you are moving towards with clarity, confidence, and control, while avoiding unnecessary risk and unnecessary sacrifice.
Presented for illustration purposes only. Individual results may vary.

5. Investment Strategy

After tuning your life plan inside the Comfort Zone®, the FocalPoint advisor will customize a wealth management plan and an investment portfolio that helps to bring these goals to life.

The advisor then implements the appropriate portfolio mix to focus on diversification, risk management, lower costs and tax minimization.

6. Dynamic Monitoring & Ongoing Advice

Where other planning tools stop, the Wealthcare process lives on. Our process maps every economic shift and life change, so you are always aware of where you stand relative to your goals. We can also produce on-demand reports to reveal if a plan is over- or under-funded, allowing you to avoid both excess risk and unnecessary sacrifice. As long as you remain in your desired Comfort Zone®, you continue following a path toward achieving your dreams.