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The Power of Investing Early

      We know we’ve all done it…. put off retirement savings so we can live in the moment.   What most people are unaware of is… just how much living in the moment is really costing them.   Below I have a scenario where two investors are each saving $5000 annually and both earned 8% ever year in a tax deferred account*. One started at age 18 and stopped at 26 while the other started at 26 and stopped at 65**. Most will be amazed at the results. Let compounding be your friend and if you don’t believe me here’s
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Weekly Economic Update

RETAIL SALES JUMP 0.6% This September gain was impressive – minus auto sales, the advance was still 0.5%. In August, both headline and core retail sales fell 0.2%. While consumers bought more last month, they were less confident earlier this month – the University of Michigan’s initial October consumer sentiment index fell 3.3 points to 87.9.1 INTEREST RATES MAY SOON RISE The minutes from September’s Federal Reserve policy meeting affirmed what some investors suspected. One, last month’s decision not to raise the federal funds rate was a “close call.” Two, the Federal Open Market Committee expects to make a move
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