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Market Effect of a Trump Victory

Very few people thought Donald Trump would be elected president and even fewer thought this would be great news for the stock market.   You can firmly count me in the camp of thinking MR Trump had a much better chance than the dying mainstream media would credit him.  Any of you who have talked to me about this, know that my general feeling going into this election was that the polls were skewed 7 ways to Sunday as was the economic data.  I have a series of articles on how various measures of economic data are skewed to benefit the
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Your Taxes Under A Trump Administration

Now that Donald Trump has shocked the world, what does this mean from a tax perspective? According to “-Every income group receives a tax cut under the Trump plan, with million more being removed from the income tax rolls and low-income Americans paying no income tax at all. -The greatest percentage reduction in tax bill goes to working and middle class taxpayers: -A married couple earning $50,000 per year with two children and $8,000 in child care expenses will save 35% from their current tax bill. -A married couple earning $75,000 per year with two children and $10,000 in
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